Analia G.

Born on May 19, 2009, Analia was taken by a brain tumor on December 17, 2014. “She was very strong until the end of her life,” her mother says. “She was always smiling, and as her mother, I found a very strong connection with her—and the connection was joy and good humor.” That in fact is what everyone most remembers about Analia: “What I love most about her is her joy, love and care that she gave us all.”

Analia’s family wants to thank Seattle Children’s hospital and Providence Hospice of Seattle for the tremendous care and love they showed their little girl. Analia’s family wishes particularly to thank Soulumination…and we print their thanks in full here, as it speaks so eloquently to the Soulumination mission:

Soulumination definitely was the best thing at the best time that happened to us. To capture the smiling and the joy of my daughter in those moments was just wonderful

Soulumination was the good copy, exactly on time. My parents decided to come and visit me for two weeks and see how Analia was doing, and there were you guys at the perfect time to have those wonderful pictures with all the girls and with the two men I love the most, my husband and dad.

Thanks to you I have the picture that I’d never have: The picture with my mom and my three girls and dad and husband at the same time, now Analia is not here but thanks to you I have the ONLY image that has the people I love the most.