Ariana S.

Born on August 26, 2011, Ariana has been fighting isolated long gap esophageal atresia, in which the esophagus ends in a pouch rather than connecting with the stomach. Although correctible by surgery, there can be significant complications in the years following.

Ariana is the younger daughter of Matt and Nina; her older sister, Ella, is seven.

“She is very loving,” her mother says. “She loves everyone and yet she doesn’t hesitate to stand up to her sister. She’s spunky!” She can also be very determined. On a trip to Disneyland, Ariana decided to get out of her stroller, which is equipped with heavy medical devices, and push it herself. “She could barely see over the stroller, but she pushed it along all by herself, through the crowds.”

Ariana’s mother is particularly grateful to Soulumination. “We finally have good pictures of all of us together! It is so difficult for us to get pictures all together. Thank you!”