Bheem G.

Bheem was born on May 31, 2011, and is fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “There is no quit in Bheem,” his mother says. “He perseveres and inspires.” Those around him are particularly inspired by his “compassion and empathy. During his stay in the hospital, the baby in the room next to us cried a lot. Bheem remarked, ‘I feel so bad for the baby. This is hard for me, but it must be even harder for that baby.’”

He also is inspiringly positive in the face of daunting challenges. “During a session with his counselor at school, he told her he was feeling so happy—beyond even the highest level on the feelings meter in her office. She told him, ‘It is okay to not feel happy all the time. Sometimes everyone feels sad.’ Bheem’s response: ‘There is always something to feel happy about.’”

Bheem’s parents and grandparents treasure their new Soulumination photos. “Rarely does a photo evoke strong emotions, but the image of Bheem holding the soccer ball and his brother Arjun gazing lovingly at him is my favorite, and moves me every time I see it.”