Brayden G.

Brayden, born on November 17, 2017, is fighting Infantile Gangliosidosis, a lysosomal storage disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord and is always fatal in children. “Although Brayden is nonverbal,” his mother says, “he lets you know what he likes and who he likes by making a sweet, almost growl-like noise. He is the sweetest little boy and loves to cuddle.”

He also is no pushover. “He has a very strong personality and does not do anything he doesn’t want to do.”

As for the Soulumination portraits, they are among Brayden’s family’s most prized possessions. “They mean more to us than I could ever put into words. Brayden is 11 months old in these pictures, and we had not done family pictures since his birth. We will treasure these forever!”