Daisy H.

Daisy—“such an animated character,” in her mother’s words, “who was very funny and sarcastic at the same time”—passed away at the age of 8 on November 5, 2016. “She fought a long and hard battle and she was so strong and brave, just like a superhero.”

Daisy was fighting a mysterious neuromuscular disease that attacked her lungs and, eventually, her heart. She and her family spent nine consecutive months in Seattle Children’s Hospital, trying to fight her condition. “During that time, Daisy lost her ability to walk. Through months of determination and physical therapy, she learned to walk again. It was very painful for her, but she did it each day, multiple times a day. She also went to school and learned how to read better in the hospital. Even though she was very sick, she pushed herself each day. I am very proud of how she tried so hard, each and every day.”