Francisco O.

Francisco Osorio-Osorio set out walking to this country from his remote Guatemalan village, San Antonia El Lotenago, when he was 13 years old. He was the son of Francisco Osorio-Lobos and Maria Osorio-Mas, and he has five brothers and five sisters—all in Guatamala. After making his way to this country and finding work, Francisco fell ill and was diagnosed with Chondro Sarcoma.

Francisco deeply touched everyone he met during the course of his illness and treatment. While he was distressed over his illness, it was never because of what it was doing to him; instead, he was stressed over not being able to send as much money home as he had before. Near the end of his life, when one of his nurses visited him, he had just seen a “Save the Children” promotion on television, and the first thing he asked her was how he could send money to the organization. “I have so much,” he said, “and they have nothing.”

Francisco passed away on March 1, 2006, and thanks to the generosity of a few Seattle families, he was able to spend his last days with his father, and finally to be buried in his homeland.