Hazel H.

Abbey, Hazel’s mom, remembers that “Hazel was so active in the womb and we were so excited to meet her.” Then, when Abbey’s water broke at 38 weeks, she and her husband Ryan rushed to the hospital. “Everything was going great, but I wasn’t progressing. After 40 hours there, I started bleeding and we had an emergency C-section.”

Hazel, born on February 11, 2020, was to live for only a few hours. “We love her so much...those few hours weren’t enough, but I’m so grateful I got to meet her. We love Hazel.”

The Soulumination portraits have provided enormous comfort to Hazel’s mom and dad and extended family. “As we were having our first and last hours with Hazel, one of your photographers came and captured all those little moments. They truly have helped us in our grieving process, providing comfort through pictures.”