Katelyn M.

The oldest of her family’s three children, Katelyn was born on October 30, 2008. She is fighting epilepsy and mitochondrial disease. “Katelyn is a born fighter,” her mother says. “The amount that she goes through without complaint is inspiring, and her smile and laugh light up the room.”

During the course of her struggle, Katelyn suffered a “catastrophic stroke. It severely limited her ability to communicate, but after she gained her ability to smile again, we knew it was time to start trying to engage her in activities that previously brought her much joy. We took a short family trip to the Oregon coast, and she was all smiles and laughs as she lay by the ocean. It was her way of saying ‘Thank you.’”

Soulumination often receives written thanks from the families we serve, but we’ve never reprinted them in these biographies, as it seems unnecessarily self-promoting of our work. But Katelyn’s mother’s words of appreciation are too powerful and touching not to pass on: “The financial burden of months in the hospital, me not working, have made things challenging—we would not have been able to have photos done otherwise. These will help us preserve and joyfully remember Katelyn for many years to come, even when the day comes when she is no longer here on earth. No words can thank you enough for that.”