Kennedy M-R.

Kennedy Mae, who was born to Beckey and Garey on October 14, 2010, is a twin. Her identical twin sister, who would have been named Brooklynn, was lost early in their mother’s pregnancy. Kennedy was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and an anomalous pulmonary venous return, and she developed a left pulmonary vein occlusion after her first open heart surgery. “Her half heart,” her mother says, “has made ours whole.”

Kennedy’s mom says that her little girl has “a captivating smile and lights up every room she is in. Her joyful spirit is contagious. When you look at her, you would never know she is sick or that she has been fighting so hard for her life.” Their struggles notwithstanding, Kennedy’s parents feel blessed. “We do not know how long Kennedy will be with us but we do know that her life is full of purpose! We hear from people all the time who share with us how she has touched their life. She has made us better people, taught us the true meaning of life, and filled our hearts with immeasurable joy.”

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