Madisyn T.

Little Maddie was born on December 10, 2006, and died in her mother’s arms on April 7, 2015. She had been a perfectly healthy child until suddenly fell prey to the coxsackie b virus, which attacked her heart, sending her into cardiac arrest. She was flown from her Hawaii home to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, where she was kept alive for four months by ECMO and bi-VAD heart-lung and heart machines while she was awaiting a donor heart. Sadly, she passed away before a heart could be found. “She fought so hard to recover what she could while we waited for a heart donor,” her mother says. “Unfortunately, other complications in her body did not allow her to wait any longer.”

Maddie’s parents vividly remember “how loving and friendly she was. Although she was shy, she made friends easily (just like her dad). She loved school, loved learning, loved exercising, and would often take her bike to her grandma’s house.” Maddie had dreams of “becoming a chef when she grew up. One day, she told us how she would open a restaurant so she could cook for people who did not have enough food to eat. She had the biggest heart, so full of love.”

And most of all: “We will never forget her beautiful and contagious laugh.”

Madisyn’s family would like to everyone in the cardiac ICU at Seattle Children’s Hospital, “who took very good care of Maddie and our family.” They also want to thank the Make-A-Wish Foundation, “who surprised us after her passing with a star named for Maddie.” And, “last but not least, our ‘ohana (family) and friends went above and beyond to support us in any way they could.”