Marin M.

Marin Morrison was born on June 19, 1990. She is the daughter of Matt and Nancy Morrison and the big sister of Camlyn and Michael Morrison. Marin suffers from a form of brain cancer known as astrocytoma and ganglioglioma. Subsequent resection surgery has left her with hemi-paralysis on her right side.

Marin’s parents described her as a “wonderful big sister” who is “full of life.’ A nationally ranked swimmer in her age group before her cancer and surgery, Marin holds two school records at Collins Hill High School, and continued swimming competitively after her diagnosis. Her mother and father remember a November 2006 swim meet in which Marin, cancer and all, swam determinedly until she took a lungful of water and had to stop. Instead of quitting, however, she “gathered herself” and fought to the finish “with the entire arena cheering for her.” That determination, they say, tells you everything you need to know about Marin. “We love her positive attitude and loving disposition,” her parents go on to say. “She has a never-quit mentality and a beautiful smile. Her spirit shines, inside and out.”

The Morrisons would like to thank The Wave of Courage Foundation, which was founded in Marin’s honor, as well as the Bellevue Athletic Club, and the Collins High and Eastlake High swim teams.