Mateo G.

Mateo’s parents, Steve and Jennifer, describe him as “sweet, charming, and determined. He is a strong-willed boy, which has helped him be alive today. Mateo suffers from a seizure disorder with no known cause. His mother will never forget the day little seven-week-old Mateo was diagnosed. During a 24-hour EEG procedure, when he had innumerable electrodes hooked up to his head, Mateo began having seizures. His parents counted 14 seizures over 22 hours, with three of them lasting for 20 minutes. The hospital tried various medicines, to no avail. When the seizures stopped, Mateo was moved to the ICU, where he was found next morning wide awake, “dancing a little jig in his bed and making eye contact with anyone who talked. The doctors and nurses were amazed. Not me…I knew Mateo had a fighting spirit.”