Mylin S.

Mylin passed away on May 12, 2010 when she was 14 years old, just two years after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was the daughter of Chomrong and Trez, and the sister of A’Treu, Tetiana, and Audriana. Mylin was talented and imaginative, and hoped one day to be a photographer. “She took pictures of random stuff,” her mother, Chomrong, says, “but she always captured something special in them.”

Mylin “always walked to the beat of her own drum,” adds her mother, and “always saw the best in people. I love how she was with younger kids—she loved all of them so much.” Chomrong remembers one time in particular, when “all my nieces and nephews were running around the living room, and we had my dad’s friend’s pastor from the church over to pray for Mylin. All the elders were trying to quiet down the little kids [to bring them into her room], but Mylin told them to take the kids back out to play. ‘It’s OK…let them play,’ she said.” Most unforgettable was the day when “Mylin was trying to make me feel better. She said, ‘I’ll never really be gone, mommy, and besides, when I’m in heaven I’ll be able to watch over everybody.’ No matter how sick she was, Mylin always put everyone else first.”

Mylin’s family would like to thank the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Seattle Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington, Soulumination, Gloria’s Angels, Sunshine Kids, and Providence Hospice. “They all helped so much—we would never have made it as far as we did without everybody.”