Neil P.

Born on November 29, 2012, Neil passed away on February 13, 2013, a victim of prone belly syndrome. “Neil was strong and gentle, sweet and brave,” he mother recalls. “I think often of holding him in the hospital, watching him breathing so bravely, praying for him to know how much I loved him and that this would give him comfort; kissing him and willing him to know that I would do anything to take his suffering for him, thinking that I would so happily trade years of my life for the opportunity for him to be whole, to grow up and experience life; sobbing because I couldn’t make it easier for him.”

In his short time here, Neil changed the lives of his parents and big brother. “Somehow through all his suffering, he was able to bring peace and comfort. He continues to bring love into my heart and into our family, even though he is not physically here with us. I have a deep love and gratitude for Neil. I learned profound lessons and felt great love in his presence.”