Remedy C.

Heather and Josh, parents of four-year-old Remedy, describe her as “sweet, funny and friendly. She is caring and comforts anyone who is sad.” During her extremely difficult treatment for brain cancer, she could often be heard comforting her grandmother, “constantly telling her things will be okay,” and rubbing her mother’s back and singing her lullabies when she looked tired.

Remedy has been through almost unimaginable stress. Diagnosed at age three, she has had six months of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and emerged tumor free in February 2004. Her family is tremendously grateful to “Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Seattle Proton Cure Center, where she had all her treatment. The teams there are beyond fantastic and took such good care of us. And we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for nine and one-half months, and they provided a real home away from home.”