Shelby H.

Born on October 7, 2003, Shelby was diagnosed four years later with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. In March 2010, she suffered a relapse requiring a bone marrow transplant. Shelby has an older sister, Emily, and a younger brother, Brady.

Shelby’s mother Brenda loves “her very kind and caring soul, but also her very spunky and spirited nature. She seems wise beyond her years.” She remembers “one time when she was three and was in the hospital for the first time. She was supposed to get shots in her legs, and was very upset—she did not want to go to the treatment room. Her nurse was helping us hold her still for the shots, and Shelby just looked at her and said, ‘But I’m a nice girl, Katie! I’m not the kind of girl that hurts!’”

Shelby’s family would like to thank Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.