Theodore S.

When little Theodore passed away on January 29, 2020, he was two days old. He was surrounded by people who loved him: In addition to his parents Ashleigh and Jason, there were Anna, Jeremy, Mary Ann, John, Jeff, Bethany, Kathy, Kurt, and Nikki. “Theo loved when Jason sang to him when he was in my belly,” Ashleigh says. “He got so excited...he would be moving so much.”

“This was a high-risk pregnancy for both of us. The hospital did everything they could to save him...but his body slowly was shutting down. We had to choose if we wanted him to die on the machine or in our arms. We chose for him to die in our arms.”

“The Soulumination photos meant the world. I would not have those photos of my first-born son, so thank you! What you have done for my family and I was the best gift that anyone could give us.”