Lynette Huffman Johnson

Lynette has been an entrepreneur since she was young, opening her first official business—a flower shop—at the age of 22.  Since picking up a camera at the age of 30, she has been an in-demand family and wedding photographer. Honored with the 2011 PSBJ Women of Influence award, Lynette has led not just an influential life, but a loving life. 

Soulumination grew out of Lynette’s support of a close friend, and later a family member, who both lost babies.  Lynette began quietly offering her photography skills to families at Seattle Children’s Hospital, but when her story was documented by People Magazine in 2005, calls began coming in from around the world, proving that the services Soulumination offers are vital. 

In her free time, Lynette enjoys cultivating both her beautiful flower garden and two incredible grandsons and also gathering wild mushrooms near her cabin.