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At Soulumination, we hope families facing life-threatening conditions can cherish and celebrate the lives of their loved one through professional photographs and treasured keepsakes. 


Soulumination celebrates life through photography. We serve families with children 18 and under who are currently facing a life-threatening condition OR children 18 and under with a parent currently facing a life-threatening condition, in Washington state. Families receive a professional photo session, an online gallery of their images, and a custom legacy gift package, free of charge. Our photographs and treasured keepsakes are an enduring, beautiful record of the child or parent. 



We approach our work with empathy, understanding, and kindness, and treat every family and individual we serve with the utmost respect and care. 



Soulumination is committed to providing the highest quality of professional photography and custom photo gift packages to every family we serve.



We believe in the power of collaboration and community and work closely with hospitals, other non-profits, and organizations to serve families facing life-threatening conditions.



Soulumination values equity, inclusion, and dignity for all, and recognizes that our differences make us stronger.



We strive to make our services accessible to all who qualify and ensure that our photography sessions and custom gift packages are provided free of charge.



Soulumination believes life is precious and that our photographs and keepsakes provide a legacy that honors and celebrates the lives of the children and parents we serve.


Together, these values guide us in our mission to provide a source of comfort and support to families facing life-threatening conditions, and to celebrate the beauty and joy of their lives through professional photography and treasured keepsakes.


Founder Lynette Huffman Johnson began photographing families and children in 1984, shortly after the birth of her first daughter. In 1996 her sister-in-law asked her to take a different kind of picture: a picture of her baby niece, Lainie, who did not survive.  Another close friend’s baby had died over two decades prior, and it was the memory of these two children, Lainie and Janus, that inspired Lynette to form Soulumination.

Since its inception as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public organization in 2005, Soulumination has grown to over 50 professional photographers who volunteer their time and talent, and over 40 community volunteers who help our organization run. Any given year we serve upwards of 200 families. We work with hospitals, other nonprofits and organizations, and directly with families. Social workers, doctors, nurses, friends, and family members can all refer our services.

Videos About Soulumination

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