Cindy Lawrence

Movement. Moments. Memories.

I am eternally grateful for the photographs my sister took when my first baby girl died at 20 weeks. They have been so comforting to me to have and look at over the years. I’m a cancer survivor and Aunt of an amazing young woman who survived two terrible rounds of cancer starting at age 7. It’s an honor to work with Soul and capture special memories for these families.

I have always loved sports and photography. I am pumped to capture that one moment in time: the incredible play, the fierce look, the intense determination, the fluid motion. Just as the athletes work so hard to develop their skills and techniques, I have spent thousands of hours over the years, watching and photographing sports to perfect my timing. I want to capture and preserve those brief but magical moments.

I enjoy capturing families having real moments together, that spontaneous laugh, the twinkle in their eye, having fun together. I take a photojournalistic approach to all my pictures, photographing people in their element, and not just having my subjects say “cheese” for the camera.

Capturing movement and mood is something that I strive for in all my photos. Natural light and settings are my preferred style of shooting.