Lindsay Eickhoff

I’ve loved photography my whole life. My dad always encouraged my photography habit and he and I shared photos for years to use as backgrounds at work or showcase our most recently discovered bald eagle perches. When he suddenly passed away in 2012, I found myself pouring over the pictures of us together. The photos that showed our connection and his joy with me and my sisters were everything to me. I loved seeing his genuine smile or him beaming with pride at us girls or his grandbabies. I realized then that I wanted to use my passion for photography and skills with a camera to capture connection and emotion in families.

My husband and I now have 2 little loves of our own which has only increased my desire to photograph all the little moments. Though I still love hiking out into the mountains for that perfect landscape shot, I want to use photography to help remind people of the best parts of life every day and to create photos that make you smile and feel joy when you see the love within your family.