Lydia Brewer

Hello! True to form, I started taking pictures with the intention of proving my worth. At eight years old, I purchased a point and shoot camera and diligently photographed way too close stuffed animals and motion blurred family pets, attempting to become a better photographer than my graphic designer father. I graduated with an associates degree in commercial photography in 2001 and appropriately earned the title of "best photographer in the family." Recently, both my husband and daughter have started studying photography, threatening my title.

I currently work as a wedding and portrait photographer, based out of the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. I have also been a child care provider, preschool teacher and a household manager. I hang out mostly with the people that frequent my couch: husband, 14 year old daughter, dog and cat. Aside from photography, my hobbies mostly involve roller skating, rabbits, holiday decorating, subversive cross-stitch, all things 1960’s era and David Bowie.