Pierre Frevol

Pierre has had a special connection to photography since he was a child. He never met his older brother Olivier, who died before he was born, but he has a portrait of him that his parents cherish and that he treasures. It is a gift that reminds him of the fragility and beauty of life, and of the healing power of photography.

That’s why he honors Soulumination’s mission and shares his passion for photography with these families. He witnesses their courage and resilience, learns from their wisdom and grace, and feels touched by their love and gratitude. He aims to capture the essence of each family and their story, whether it is a smile, a hug, or a tear.

As a result, he creates images that they can cherish forever, that reflect their bond and their spirit. He strives to make a difference that lasts beyond a lifetime.

He’s grateful for the many amazing and inspiring people he has met through Soulumination, both the families and the staff and volunteers at Soulumination and Children’s Hospital.

Pierre has been volunteering with Soulumination since 2011. He is the owner of Folrev Photography, a premier headshot and portrait photography studio located in Bellevue, WA. 

If you want to learn more about Pierre and his work, visit his website at photo.folrev.com.