Evelyn E.

Evelyn, also known as Babie, was born on April 25, 1957 in Salvador, Philippines. As the valedictorian of her graduating high school class, she went on to study to be an RN at the Cebu Velez College of Nursing. Being a nurse and helping others was Evelyn's true passion in life. She was always selfless. She met Sammy, the love of her life, in a Chinese restaurant in Del Rio, Texas. They got married, traveled together, and had their only child, Elizabeth, in of all places; England. Eventually they settled in Seattle in 1992 and have been living in Renton ever since. Evelyn spent over 10 years working for Overlake Hospital as an RN and has been a nurse for 25 years. Unfortunately, in 2001, Evelyn was diagnosed with ALS. Even though the illness was terminal, she didn't let it get in her way. She kept living life to the fullest, pushing all limitations aside. At the age of 50, Evelyn Enriquez passed away on Monday, Sept 10, 2007.

Soulumination served Evelyn's family in July of 2007.