Julie B.

Julie Becker was born on July 26, 1962. She was a loving mother of three beautiful children, Ali, Joe and Frankie. She was married to her husband Michael for 17 years. Jules brought a vibrant energy into every experience she was part of. Everyone who knew her, learned from her. She was a beautiful soul who was always curious about life, love and seeking joy. At the end of her life she and several friends threw an “End of Life Celebration” so she could hug and say goodbye to each and every one of the hundreds of family and friends that loved her so dearly. She gave a heartfelt talk about kindness and living in the present moment at her event. Here is the quote she left everyone with that evening:

“We are not here just to survive and live long. We are here to live life in all its dimensions. To experience life in its true richness, exploring all available possibilities, never holding back from life’s challenges, pushing forward in curiosity. Only then does life fully bloom.

My life has bloomed, and for that I thank you.”

- Julie Becker